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Sharon & Glenn Stepanick,

Founders of Brenneis Greenhouses


Farm History

The Brenneis

In spring 2000, flower seeds were sowed by local gardeners Glen and Sharon Stepanick, Brenneis Vegetable Garden. A lifetime of gardening on her parents farm, Sharon had colourful idea. After a difficult vegetable growing season she had an idea of growing flowers. Little did she know, something beautiful was to bloom, Brenneis Greenhouses.

Glen and Sharon enlisted help with this labour of love, a single Farm Worker, Lydia. who assisted in watering and loving these little seedlings in 1 little greenhouse. Learning everything about flowers as they grew... with growing strictly vegetables this was a challenge! What where these flowers going to look like? How exactly do you grow them? There were many laughs along the way, and continue to be today!


2006 was a very difficult year. Sharon and Glen were faced with yet another challenge, a cancer diagnosis. The Stepanick's had to make a tough decision and that was to sell Brenneis Vegetable Gardens. Focusing on overcoming cancer while enjoying the beauty of flowers was the future.


Glen beat cancer and 2,880 square feet flourished into 12,000 square feet! Our army of amazing staff, along with our customers continue to fill our vibrant greenhouses with sunshine, allowing us to continue to serve Edmonton and area.

Fast forward to Winter 2021, Sharon & Glenn passed the family business down to their niece Jennie and her husband, Dustin. Jennie and Dustin are excited to take Brenneis Greenhouses to the next level... get ready, they're just getting started!

Jennie & Dustin Moroziak

NEW Owners of Brenneis Greenhouses

"Love, Love, Love this place. Did I mention I love this place!!! the plants and flowers are so large when you buy them, they fill your containers right away and grow into wonderful healthy plants. I cannot wait to come again this year! Staff are helpful and kind. The BEST greenhouse by far!!!!!"!

-  Allison G


"This is my first stop of the season to get the hanging baskets that will be front and center as they are unique, huge and well priced."

   -  Michelle L.

"Great plants and comparable prices to other greenhouses. Friendly staff and wide selection. I make many trips here during planting season to add to my garden. The plants are a good size when you buy them and always do well. Love this place."

- Brenda D