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Custom Containers


                                        ... Just the way you like them!

We hear it all the time "I don't know what to plant in this", "I don't know what looks good together", "What plants work well in this sunny location?". So we thought why not offer custom container planting!!

You pick the flowers, colors and bring us your favourite containers and we will do the rest!

How it works:

1. Print off and fill out the PDF Form 

2. Clean out your container of choice and sanitize it (free of old soil, and debris)

3. Visit us at Brenneis, let's chat and get an understanding of what you are wanting, we can help design too!

4. Pick up your completed pots within 24 hours of completion (late fees will be charged if not picked up in 24-hour window)

5. Enjoy that beautiful planter all summer long!

Watch our Social Media for the start date; first come, first serve.

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