Meet the 

Brenneis Team



Sharon is the Daughter of two Edmonton Faming Pioneers, Richard and Florence Brenneis. Sharon, along with her Husband  Glen, founded Brenneis Greenhouses after years of growing vegetables for Edmonton and surrounding area. 

Sharon enjoys spending time with her grandbabies, Rowan and Hazel... plus one coming. Her two puppy fur babies Elly May & Cy and horses Grady & Holly..

Favorite Plants: Brugmansia

Recipient of the Year (2019)
Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association
Grower of the Year (Ornamentals)


Seeder Extrodinaire    Bug Catcher


Jennie is a mom of 2 (and a half...) who believes that family is the most important thing in her life. Movie nights with her munchkins and camping is her favourite pastime and she has been working at Brenneis Greenhouses for 13 years! 

Favourite Plants: Aloe vera, Potatoe Vine & Coleus


Lead Designer, Greenhouse   Planters


Sheri is the go to for anything flowers, her keen eye to detail and a passion for watering geraniums. Sheri has a passion for dogs  and gardening. Her favourite past time is spending time out at her farm.

Favourite Plants: Heliotrope & Deep Purple Salvia



Brooklyn is a country girl who loves shopping and talking to herself. No, for real, she does! She is a volunteer firefighter, has a passion for learning and friendships. Brooklyn is a beautiful soul who brings a smile to everyones faces! 

Favourite Plants: Black Eyed Susan



Sydney brings the laughs to the greenhouses! She is currently enrolled in Environmental Sciences at a local college and loves rugby. She enjoys stealing Sharon's dishes, wearing t-shirts in the winter and hanging out with her friends.

Favourite Plants: Succulents

            (because they're the only plant she cant kill!)



Info about Jane is coming, stay tuned!

Favourite Plants:



More info coming about Glen, stay tuned! 

Favourite Plants: Brugmansia



Tel : 780-473-7736

Brenneis Greenhouses

Family Owned & Operated Since 2000

2019 Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association

Greenhouse  of the Year (Ornamentals)